Republicans and Democrats are still at a standstill as it relates to providing relief to millions of Americans with a second coronavirus bill. 

As a result, Republicans are working on a “skinny” relief bill that only addresses those items that they know have bipartisan support such as expanded unemployment insurance, more small business loan relief, and money for schools and Covid-19 testing, treatment, and vaccines. The plan would not include another direct stimulus payment to Americans.

The bill could be presented to Congress as soon as this week. 

Currently the unemployment benefit, eviction moratorium, and window to apply for a small business loan through the Payment Protection Program have all lapsed and reports say that it is unlikely that anything will be passed before the end of September.

“Sticking points between the Trump administration and Democrats include how much aid to send to state and local governments, how much money to send schools adjusting to either physical reopening during the pandemic or remote learning and whether to maintain the $600 weekly unemployment payments. 

President Donald Trump took executive action this month to allow states to temporarily extend extra jobless benefits of at least $300 per week. Most states have opted into the program, but the funding redirected from the executive branch is only expected to last a few weeks.”

Read the full article here. 


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