House And Senate Approve Paycheck Protection Program Extension

Tuesday night the Senate voted to extend the deadline for small businesses to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program until August 8th....

This Week’s Good News

Although there is still much to be concerned about all around us, there is so much good in the world and we think that...

4 Obstacles Standing in the Way of a Second Stimulus Check

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have shown some support for a second stimulus package. However, there are four obstacles standing...

Should You Expect Another Stimulus Check? If So, When?

Lawmakers are nowhere near agreeing on a second stimulus package, but here’s everything that’s known so far so you can be prepared. 

Senate Democrats Push To Extend Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Senate Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits until the unemployment rate reaches a certain level at which point it would phase out. 

Bi-Partisan Support For Proposed Neighborhood Homes Investment Act

Investors take note: A bipartisan group of senators has proposed a new tax credit bill, the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act (NHIA), to...

Housing Data Still Strong Despite Increasing COVID Cases

The housing market has made a huge comeback from the depths of the coronavirus pandemic with pending home sales rising 44.3% in...

Pending Home Sales Increased 44% In May – Double What Economists Were Expecting

May saw a 44% increase in pending home sales according to the National Association of Realtors.  Experts are hoping...

Bill Passes In House To Prevent Homelessness Crisis

Experts predict that a housing crisis like we’ve never seen before is on the horizon due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Signs Of Weakness In The Housing Market

Mortgage rates remain at record lows, but that might not be enough to overcome the problems of low supply and tightened credit...

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