With negotiations stalling at the end of last week, the big question is whether or not a second stimulus check will be sent and, if so, when? 

President Trump signed executive orders on Saturday for relief, but none included a direct check to the American people. 

However, the one thing that both sides agreed on during negotiations was that a second direct stimulus check was in order. If a second stimulus package, including a direct check, is agreed upon, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said that he could begin sending out checks as soon as a week later.

It’s likely that the first people to receive their checks would be those who have already registered for direct deposit.

The next group would likely be social security beneficiaries with direct deposit information on file. 

The final group would be those receiving a paper check. 

IF a stimulus check is agreed upon, there are a few reasons why you may receive your check later than others including changes in aid for dependents and banking status. 

All of this hinges on a new stimulus package agreement by lawmakers. 

Read the full article here. 


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