Lawmakers are nowhere near agreeing on a second stimulus package, but here’s everything that’s known so far so you can be prepared. 

Mitch McConnell had previously said that the Senate would decide in July on whether or not they would be approving a second stimulus package. It’s safe to assume that they won’t make the decision until late July after they return from their break, which starts on July 3rd. 

If it passes before the August break, then the IRS could start sending checks in August. That’s IF it passes. 

There is still a debate about whether or not a second round of stimulus payments is even necessary. Millions are still out of work and there is growing concern over increasing coronavirus numbers in several states. 

“The passage of a second round of IRS payments appears to depend on two things: how badly the economy is faring and if lawmakers believe a direct payment to millions of people is the best way to respond to the current recession.” 

Read the full story here.  


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