Republicans and Democrats are still deadlocked when it comes to agreeing on a second coronavirus stimulus package as millions of Americans continue to wait it out. 

Nancy Pelosi wants Republicans to negotiate on the $2.2 trillion package proposed by Democrats, which is double the size of the $1 trillion Heals Act proposed by Republicans. 

With both sides unwilling to budge from their proposals, millions of struggling Americans are left wondering when, if ever, will more help be available to them. 

Forbes outlines 3 potential scenarios for a second stimulus package in this article including no stimulus package at all. 

1. There is no stimulus deal

It is possible that no stimulus deal will be reached, even though both sides have agreed that a second stimulus bill is necessary. 

2. Republicans pass their own stimulus bill

Senate Republicans could pass a smaller stimulus bill on their own without Democrats. Senate Republicans are currently working on a scaled down version of a second stimulus bill, one that does not include a stimulus check, but does include unemployment benefits, school funding, small business loans, coronavirus testing and vaccines, liability protection, and funding for the USPS. 

3. Republicans agree to a $2 trillion stimulus deal

While it’s highly unlikely, Republicans could agree to the $2 trillion stimulus package proposed by Democrats.

What’s next? Congress is on recess into September, but anything can happen at any time. 

Read the full article here. 


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