As the details of the HEALS Act are hammered out, the focus is primarily on another $1,200 stimulus check, which was proposed by Senate Republicans in July. 

However, a new Republican proposal includes a $1,000 stimulus check, while still another Democratic Senate proposal includes $2,000 per month. (That last one has no chance of passing.)  

How much could you get from a possible second stimulus check? While an agreement has yet to be reached it’s important to understand that you may not get the advertised “sticker price” of the proposed stimulus check. Amounts could vary, especially if you have dependents in your household. 

If a second stimulus check is agreed upon, it is likely that same income thresholds would hold true, as well as an allowance for dependents. 

Read the full article to see the differences between what your family could receive under the $1,200 stimulus check plan and the $1,000 stimulus check plan. You might be surprised which one would put more money in your pocket if you have dependents. 

Read the full article here. 


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