How To Survive & Thrive Regardless Of The Coming Downturn


Join us for our brand new InvestorShift weekly webinar as we interview CEO and Founder of The Collective Genius Real Estate Investing Mastermind Group, Jason Medley.

As an active, seasoned investor Jason understands how to navigate the ups and downs of the market, and has strategies in place to not only survive, but thrive, in the face of the coming downturn.

• Generating Cash
• Cutting Expenses
• Team Communication
• Building A Power Network Set Up To Thrive
• Scaling a Business The Right Way So You Never Have To Fear A Market Downturn Again

Throughout his 19 years of real estate investing, Jason has become an expert at:

Jason’s true passion lies in helping real estate investors across the country learn how to do all of this in their own business so they never have to fear a changing market. 

Jason shares all of this and more in a candid one hour interview with our team.