With record-low interest rates, buyers are flooding the real estate market, which should be good news for real estate agents… at least the ones who know how to market themselves to potential buyers and clients. 

If you don’t have any real estate marketing strategies in place, then the likelihood of you being able to take advantage of a hot market is very small. 

Real estate marketing is marketing yourself and your business to potential clients and can include both free and paid marketing strategies. 

This article covers 23 proven real estate marketing strategies to get you and your business in front of buyers and sellers in your area.

These strategies include having a website and an app, using both free and paid social media strategies, building your brand, creating educational content that can be distributed online, using professional photography for your listings, creating virtual tours, using social proof and testimonials in your marketing efforts, and referral marketing, amongst many others. 

“The most common form of marketing strategy that stretches throughout every industry is the referral system, and despite how generic it is, it is still one of the best approaches to this day. If a customer can bring somebody else, then they get a discount or a freebie.”

Read the full article here to discover all 23 real estate marketing strategies. 


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