The executive order signed by the President over the weekend does not include another round of stimulus payment checks to the American people. 

Here’s what it does include: 

  • The suspension of payroll taxes 
  • $400 a week in federal unemployment payments (a $200 cut from the previous $600) 
  • Deferrals on student loan payments through the end of the year
  • Efforts to minimize evictions at federal housing

Both sides are in favor of another stimulus check, but must be agreed upon and come through Congress. 

“The decision on a second stimulus wasn’t included in Trump’s order and must come through Congress, either as stand-alone legislation or as part of a broader bill. Both parties have plans that include direct payments U.S. residents but are far apart when it comes to how much will be spent – GOP proposing a $1 trillion package compared to $3 trillion for Democrats.” 

Read the full article here. 


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